MulticoreBSP for C  Version 2.0.4
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mcbsp-resiliency.h File Reference
#include <stdlib.h>
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void mcbsp_checkpoint (void)
 Synchronises all processes and performs a global checkpointing step. More...
void mcbsp_enable_checkpoints (void)
 Enables automatic checkpointing. More...
void mcbsp_disable_checkpoints (void)
 Disables automatic checkpointing. More...
void mcbsp_set_checkpoint_frequency (size_t _cp_f)
 Allows the user to directly set the checkpointing frequency. More...
size_t mcbsp_get_checkpoint_frequency (void)
 Gets the currently active checkpointing frequency. More...
void mcbsp_set_safe_checkpoint_frequency (size_t _safe_cp_f)
 Allows the user to set the safe checkpointing frequency. More...
size_t mcbsp_get_safe_checkpoint_frequency (void)
 Gets the currently active safe checkpointing frequency. More...


 The default checkpointing frequency. More...

Detailed Description

The MulticoreBSP for C interface for checkpointing

The functions and data types defined in this file allow a user to take control of the way MulticoreBSP for C performs automatic checkpointing, and additionally enables manual global checkpointing capabilities.

To successfully use the primitives defined here, MulticoreBSP for C should be compiled with the DMTCP library. See the documentation for further details. Using the functions defined in this header without DMTCP support compiled in will result in run-time errors.

Variable Documentation


The default checkpointing frequency.