MulticoreBSP for C  Version 2.0.4
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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oNmcbspNamespace in which the C++-style extensions for MulticoreBSP for C reside
|\CBSP_programAbstract class which a user can extend to write BSP programs
oCmcbsp_get_requestA DRMA communication request for `get'-requests
oCmcbsp_hp_requestA DRMA communication request for hpput and hpget requests
oCmcbsp_hpsend_requestA high-performance (non-buffering) BSMP message request
oCmcbsp_init_dataInitialisation struct
oCmcbsp_messageA generic BSP communication message
oCmcbsp_push_requestStruct corresponding to a single push request
oCmcbsp_superstep_statsStruct used to store tracked of superstep statistics
oCmcbsp_thread_dataThread-local data
oCmcbsp_util_address_mapA map from pointers to unsigned long ints
oCmcbsp_util_address_tableA table of local address locations per SPMD variable
oCmcbsp_util_address_table_entryA single address table entry
oCmcbsp_util_machine_infoStructure representing the machine hardware information
oCmcbsp_util_machine_partitionStructure representing a part of the current machine
oCmcbsp_util_pinning_infoReturn type of mcbsp_util_pinning
\Cmcbsp_util_stackSelf-growing stack