MulticoreBSP for C  Version 2.0.4
Here is a list of all modules:
oSingle Program, Multiple Data FrameworkCollection of BSPlib primitives that control BSP processes
oDirect Remote Memory AccessDirect Remote Memory Access (DRMA) provides BSP processes the means to accesses memory regions of other BSP processes
oBulk Synchronous Message PassingBulk Synchronous Message Passing (BSMP) provides message passing semantics to BSPlib programs
oMulticoreBSP for C extensions for C++ programmingMulticoreBSP for C defines a C++ wrapper for object-oriented SPMD control via the mcbsp::BSP_PROGRAM class
oMulticoreBSP for C extensions for affinity controlMulticoreBSP for C extensions for thread affinity, BSP computer, and BSP contracts descriptions
oMulticoreBSP for C profiling extensionThe functions defined here provide an interface to the profiling behaviour of MulticoreBSP for C
\MulticoreBSP for C interface to resiliency extensionsMulticoreBSP for C supports checkpointing via the DMTCP software package