Package com.multicorebsp.util

Class Summary
CollectionUtils Supports various operations on various types of collections.
ComplexData Enables storage of complex data in matrices.
CRS<DataType extends MatrixData<DataType>> Compressed row storage of sparse matrices.
DoubleData Enables storage of double data types in matrices.
ICRS<DataType extends MatrixData<DataType>> Implements the Incremental CRS datastructure for sparse matrices.
IntegerData Enables storage of integer data in matrices.
LazyCollection<T> Aims for O(1) access on as many collection functions possible.
Matrix<DataType extends MatrixData<DataType>> Very basic matrix representation.
MatrixData<T extends MatrixData<?>> Class storing nonzero values of sparse matrices.
MMfile Models, and parses, a matrix-market file.
MMobject Models various matrix-market object types
NoData ``Fake" data class, for example to be used for matrices storing pattern data.
SparseMatrix<DataType extends MatrixData<DataType>,MatrixType extends SparseMatrix<DataType,MatrixType>> General sparse matrix representation.
TS<DataType extends MatrixData<DataType>> Base class for reading in a matrix in Triplet Scheme format, from an (Extended) Matrix-market file.
VectorCollection<DataType extends MatrixData<DataType>> Represents a `matrix' with variably-sized rows.

Enum Summary
MMfile.VERSION Used to differentiate between original matrix-market and extended matrix market.
MMobject.FieldType All the supported data field types.
MMobject.FormatType All the supported input format types.
MMobject.ObjectType All the supported object types.
MMobject.SymmetryType All the supported symmetry types.
MMobject.ViewType All the supported view types.

Exception Summary
EndOfFileException Signals an end of file event.
UnsupportedDataTypeException Error thrown upon encountering an unsupported data type