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The BSP educational package for Java

BSPedupack implements a BSP benchmarking program, as well as the following scientific computing example applications:

  • vector inner-product,
  • dense matrix LU decomposition,
  • fast Fourier transform, and
  • sparse matrix-vector multiplication.

It is based on the original BSPedupack, written by Rob H. Bisseling. The original is based for distributed-memory systems, and uses BSPlib as the underlying BSP library. This version of BSPedupack is released under the GNU General Public License, v3.

BSPedupack for MulticoreBSP is at version 1.0.1 as of 30/10/2011.

Source tarball: BSPedupack.tar.gz

Documentation is found here.

A full version of BSPedupack with all dependencies (MulticoreBSP core and Utilities) is available here. If the full codebase is not of interest, the following two jar files contain all dependencies to run the BSPedupack applications when placed in the Java classpath:

MulticoreBSP library:.jar (classes only)
MulticoreBSP utils:.jar (classes only)
How to start:

In a terminal, at the directory where BSPedupack is extracted and all dependencies are put, the various applications can be called as follows:

java -cp MulticoreBSP.jar:MulticoreBSP-Utils.jar:. com/multicorebsp/bspedupack/BSPbench
java -cp MulticoreBSP.jar:MulticoreBSP-Utils.jar:. com/multicorebsp/bspedupack/BSPinprod
java -cp MulticoreBSP.jar:MulticoreBSP-Utils.jar:. com/multicorebsp/bspedupack/BSPlu
java -cp MulticoreBSP.jar:MulticoreBSP-Utils.jar:. com/multicorebsp/bspedupack/BSPfft
java -cp MulticoreBSP.jar:MulticoreBSP-Utils.jar:. com/multicorebsp/bspedupack/BSPmv_driver

See the help output of each program for further information.